Thursday, January 21st, 2016

How to keep your dreams alive

happy at work cover
On a roll for sure – ever since I dreamed of moving to a warmer climate, and created a manifestation fridge with the caption, “Thriving Up North.” I just uploaded the FIRST book I ever wrote and self-published – the one rejected by a big name publisher because they felt the world wasn’t ready for passion!
I originally created Happy at Work for Mid-lifers, which includes the most beautiful images and typography, in 2008. Like Joanna Penn has shared with her similar experience of publishing back then, I paid for cartons of the books to be printed. Happily, unlike Joanna, I sold them all. So no tip to the dump!
And libraries throughout New Zealand ordered them too – which makes me happy to think people in need can access for free. But there was zero profit for moi- the author, graphic designer, photographer and all the hats I wore. A labour of true love.
Anyhows, thanks to print-on-demand I have just uploaded an updated version to Create Space. It may take a few days for the link – which I’ll share for those curious.
Meanwhiles I’m creating a little FREE tip sheet for anyone wanting to publish their book to Create Space. I’ll let you know when it’s available.
And I’m sharing this story to remind you not to give up on ideas collecting dust or dreams banished to the archives.
Unless we try to do something beyond what we have not mastered we cannot grow.

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