Sunday, February 28th, 2016

How to maintain worklife balance

me and new dressIMG_5431I finally did some sewing this weekend. It must have been six years since I last got out my Bernina. Many years ago people used to call me ‘pot plant’ because I always wore floral dresses…and during my days contracting to the Prison Service in New Zealand, many of the staff used to say, I looked like an exotic flower and thanked me for brightening up their work environment. So it seemed important, and fun, to carry on the tradition!

Importantly, making time for creativity and hobbies is one of the most important ways I maintain balance.

When was the last time you took time out to do something you love? Perhaps you can relate to my client Mary who told me she was suffering from ‘burnt-toast’ syndrome – always giving to others and fulfilling others needs at the expense of her own.

Another client, Clive – also a minister – who I am training to become a life coach, shared with me how many times he hears people say on their death beds that they wished they had done more of the things they loved with their life. No one ever regretted spending less time at work!

Living a life with no regrets is a great way to maintain balance – as I share in my video below. Just five or 10 minutes doing something you love can refresh and energise you!

Another client I am mentoring as she prepares to plan her move from salary slave and career misery to self-employed fulfilment, told me she had absolutely no spare time. I challenged her to set the timer, step outside and meditate for three minutes instead of turning on the tele.

I found our session awesome (not a word I use often as I feel it is over used and therefore has lost some of its strength) but this time I use it with all of its strength and intention, ” she emailed me.

“I used my 3 minute meditation to clear my head a little and to calm it! Which it did, and then something magical happened, something appeared and formed and I have been going with it ever since, just a little inspiration and something to ‘play with’.. Have also been VERY energized and so have also been getting on with more solid tiny gems!”

What can you do in the few minutes, hours or next few days to restore some balance?

If you’d like to feel more awesome – I’d love to help. Drop me an email or reply to this post if you’d love to book a coaching session – you’ll be glad you did. XXX


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