Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

5 ways to beat the winter blues and make the most out of the chilly season


Winter is a tough season.  The temperatures plummet.  We hibernate inside and see very little of the sun and we have more time to reflect and get inside our heads.  This is where attitude comes into play.  Do we decide to be introspective and use the reflection time to really get the best out of our new year following the winter solstice?  Or do we become glum and start to sink into habits of focusing on negative things.

I personally consider myself to be a positive person but I have found especially over the last few weeks that I have been looking at things from such a negative perspective.  There are some great tools that I have been taught and have picked up over the years that can help us to kick the winter blues.  Take it in your stride to take this time inside your cocoon and make your metamorphosis for summer truly beautiful.

Journal:  I am a very verbal person.  I like to talk a lot and I work out what is going on in my head by discussing it with other people.  It is very easy to fall into the trap of making those people we care about our person doodle pad for our thought process.  Writing down your inner dialogue and getting all the words out is a great healing tool and can help you make clearer decisions without trying to untangle it all in your head or get the people nearest and dearest to you to absorb your verbal diarrhea. This is especially relatable to when we want to talk about what is going wrong with work, friendships, financial woes.  Save your journal time for the majority of your negative talk.  This doesn’t discredit or take away from the fact that it is important and nice to fill your spouse, friends, and family in on what’s happening in your life but there is a limit.  Remember to talk about your joys and your goals as well.

Play:  Let your hair down!  Schedule time to go out and put all the thinking behind for an evening or a day.  For me, my letting my hair down time is when I go out dancing.  I love music and expressing myself. Dancing is the perfect art form for me in this case.  For you it may be taking a stroll and really connecting with mother nature.  It could be taking a class of some kind or going and seeing a movie.  Whatever makes you smile and laugh, do it!.  Life doesn’t have to be so serious 100% of the time and even though we can’t bask in the sunlight doesn’t mean we should be mopey and depressed.  Don’t forget to do the things that make you joyous.

Meditate:  Practising meditation on a daily basis is so so powerful! Guided meditations are on Youtube by the boat load so I encourage you to have a hunt on there and find some to suit you.  A lot of people get put off meditation because they have been told that they need to completely clear their mind.  Even Buddhists with a lot of practice can have trouble doing this.  It is not expected of a beginner to be able to perfect this! Visualization and relaxation meditations are a great one to do in the evenings before bed.  I do this every evening and often fall asleep to them.  I wake up feeling cleared and refreshed.

Create:  Making things, whether it is art, baking, music or writing letters is so powerful.  We all have sides to us that are creative and creative expression is a wonderful thing that leads to making us feel generally happier.  I have personally been getting into cooking recently.  I have been getting so much out of learning my new skill and creating things that are tasty to eat.  Such a practical skill that I had never really invested in learning before.  It is the simple things that count so don’t worry….I am not suggesting that you become Michaelangelo overnight.

Get more sleep:  Number one recommendation for winter!  Make sure you get enough of your beauty rest.  I am a big hypocrite on this point as I am notorious for staying up late but winter is a fantastic time to hibernate and get those few extra hours of shut eye.  I personally find that winter drains me more than summer and I need more hours of sleep to feel energized.

We have reached the middle point now so not long to go and it will be spring.  Hang in there.

hannahThis guest post was written by Hannah Gaisford. Hannah is passionate about enjoying life and getting the most out of it – and helping others to do the same. She gives angel and tarot card readings and spiritual advice. Find out more and connect with Hannah here >>

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