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Becoming the best version of you

The Deposition (%22The Florentine Pietà%22 MichelangeloWhat divine timing it was this Easter. I was tidying up my studio and came across one of my travel journals and a sketch I completed while in Florence. I remember feeling so emotional when I saw la Pietà a Michelangelo in Museo dell’Opera del Duomo, Florence (also known as The Deposition  and The Florentine Pietà).

The sculpture, depicting four figures: the dead body of Jesus Christ, newly taken down from the Cross, Nicodemus (the face of Nicodemus under the hood is considered to be a self-portrait of Michelangelo himself), Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary, is one of incredible intensity, imbued with raw emotional power.

You don’t have to be a Christian to experience the indescribable grief of a mother losing her child, or a woman losing her loved one, and for Christians all over the world Easter is a very important time of remembrance…one we can all learn from..betrayal, forgiveness, death, love, healing and resurrection…so many enduring lessons.

la pieta a michaelangelo

And then there is the enduring mystery, of what really happened to Jesus, and just who was Mary Magdalene to him. If you’ve read the Da Vinci Code, or seen the movie, or read books by great spiritual masters you’ll know another version of the ‘truth.’


What does this all have to do with you?

The story of Easter is one of death and resurrection. It’s a time of reinvention.


Becoming the best version of you

clive-wilsonI hope you had a fabulous Easter! It’s a great time to pause and take stock of the people and situations that really matter to you. And as we head into a change of season it’s a wonderful time to consider reinventing yourself and your career. Like Clive Wilson recently did when he trained with me to become a life coach.

Who would have believed that in just under 6 months he would have refound his purpose and created a thriving business. Just before Easter Clive fired up his website – and he’s attracting interest from all over the world.

“It’s hard to believe that it’s finally become a reality.It all began over a cup of tea in the Langham when we secured that domain name! A HUGE thank you for your ‘significant’ part in this and Laurie for steering me in the right direction in terms of the name,” he wrote to me recently.

Having heard too many death-bed regrets Clive’s on a mission to help people live a significant life. Navigate to Clive’s website here You’ll also find his Facebook business page under Significant Lives.

You can find out more about the training Clive did with us here >>


“I want people to know how great they are already.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 12.03.35 pmI love helping passionate, purposeful people establish their own businesses!
Like Leigh Johnson, whose story of entrepreneurial rejuvenation I share in my Mid-Life Career Rescue: Employ Yourself. Available from  Or

I adore working with Leigh in her quest to achieve excellence as a Well-being and Transition Coach. Leigh is so genuine, authentic, mega-talented and dedicated to achieving her life purpose; helping others overcome issues which, if left unaddressed, will hold them back. “I want people to know how great they are already,” she says of her new mission.

After establishing a successful recruitment business, and following a period of depression, Leigh yearned to help others. She contacted me to help her define her brand and gain the skills she needed to be a successful coach.

“I give credit to Cassandra Gaisford ( ) for helping me unclutter my thoughts and clear the way to make the decision to become a Well-being & Transition Coach, “ she shares on her blog.

As she says, her shutters are up and she’s taking on clients! “”Maybe you’re thinking about a career change or realignment, or a transition to self-employment or starting an enterprise. On the other hand you may have suffered from one of life’s set backs; burnout, anxiety or depression and would like the support of someone who has first-hand experience with similar issues,” she shares on her blog.” You can read her post here….

Fast-track your success

Are you looking for a business coach to help with inspiration and practical support? Would you like to fast-track your success? Contact me at to find out more. Or navigate to the following page to learn more about business coaching and how it can help you: individuals/business-coaching

EmployYourself_IdaOr read the other stories of entrepreneurial rejuvenation I share in my book, Mid-Life Career Rescue: Employ Yourself

“I felt especially inspired by the true accounts of people who beat the odds by starting a business and how they became successful. The variety of examples of entrepreneur stories given makes you realise that anything is possible with enough will and determination! Cassandra paves the way for you to have belief in your ideas and to run with them. This book will have you excited about the future, dreaming big and living boldly…” ~ Amazon review

Employ yourself! Live the entrepreneurial life and create a product and service so good that people will pay for it.

Thank you to every one here who has allowed me the joy of collaborating with you! Here’s to all our success!! xxxxx

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