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13.07.2017 - Mid-year sale – how you can change careers, boost motivation and empower your success for less

MORE PASSION and PROSPERITY LESS GROUNDHOG DAY! Mid-year sale – how you can change careers, boost motivation and empower your success for less Are you looking for the perfect motivational kick-start book? Look no further. My self-empowerment eBooks will fire the flames of desire, clarify your best-fit career and life direction, improve your relationships and …MORE »

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11.04.2017 - How to hatch a job when all the odds seem stacked against you

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket during your job hunt, spread the quest for success and have a minimum of 6 different options on the go. This will help minimise anxiety and disappointment. I recall being given this tip by a career coach I worked with when I was really unhappy at work …MORE »

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4.12.2015 - Faith in the Stars – Astrology For Career Change and Self-Awareness

“I liked the idea that astrology believes we all are special and have unique gifts. It was at that moment that my love of astrology was born.” ~ Marianne O’Hagan, Astrologer So many people put their faith in psychometric tests, many of which are resounding failures in predicting job satisfaction, happiness or superior performance. Why …MORE »

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23.09.2015 - Mid-life Career Rescue: how to avoid a crisis

On my way to the herb garden this morning to meditate, I thought to myself, in a week I’ll be 50. A question then rose in my mind, “what do the ‘experts’ say about turning 50, and of mid-life?” The word, ‘crisis’ appeared. Only, despite a lot of research into the phenomenon of a mid-life …MORE »

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23.06.2015 - Passion@work – how to find a career you’ll love

To be inspired is to be in spirit – a place that comes from your soul.” ~ Cassandra Gaisford, Psychologist, Coach and Author Some people believe that you go to work, grit your teeth and bear it. Others say that it is unrealistic to expect job satisfaction. But these views couldn’t be further from the …MORE »

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19.05.2013 - What can you do with your degree?

What can you do with your degree?

Recently one of the people I have been training to be a Worklife Solutions coach was contacted by a soon-to-be-graduate who had a dilemma: what was he going to do with his history degree? Some people may default to the most obvious answer: “be a historian.” But the fact is that there are plenty of …MORE »

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2.04.2013 - How inspiration can carve out a career opportunity

How inspiration can carve out a career opportunity

When you follow your bliss, doors will open for you that don’t open for anyone else ~Joseph Campbell, Author  When thinking about the work you want to do, there is no better place to start than tapping into your deepest interests, obsessions and the things that inspire you. It may seem obvious but the sad …MORE »

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