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15.01.2020 - Save time and money and change your life

  Did you know you can my most popular and successful books on audio? Check out the following written and narrated by me.   Mid-Life Career Rescue: The Career For Change USA   UK   Australia     How to Find Your Passion and Purpose   USA   UK   …MORE »

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7.12.2019 - Start strong! Make 2020 your best year yet! Discover freedom, find happiness & change your life

  Could you do anything if you only knew what truly makes you happy? Do you want to find your purpose and true calling? Feeling stressed? Anxious? Overwhelmed or depressed? Get off the treadmill. Break free of being a salary slave. Make the leap to a more fulfilling career in 2020 and beyond. Career Change 2020: …MORE »

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21.05.2019 -  How To Find Your Passion and Purpose and Heed the Call For Courage

     The Passion Pack was where one of my most popular books, How to Find Your Passion and Purpose, all started. A simple idea with a powerful message – follow your passion! How to Find Your Passion and Purpose, a concise guide to making the most of your life, began its journey as a set of …MORE »

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