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How a chance encounter lead one unhappy employee to confidently leave a job she hated, and start living a life she loved, before it was too late


I received this lovely newsletter today from my beautiful, courageous mid-life career changer, Cate Walker. I’ve included it below.

Her story is such an amazingly inspirational tale of transformational career change and the power of following your passion – as well as the power of acting on a chance encounter.

Chance is also something Coco Chanel followed to her great success – this and other secrets, including how she used tarot cards to inspire the creation of her mega successful perfume Chanel no. 5, – are highlighted in my new book, The Art of Success: How Extraordinary Artists Can Help You Succeed in Business and Life (Book Two: Coco Chanel) available from Amazon here –

Below is what Cate shared  in her newsletter. See if you can spot the steps Cate has taken to leave a job she hated and find a job she loved. Reply to this email with your comments and go in the drawer to win a signed copy of my new book!


“It has been my pleasure over the last twelve months to step sideways into another form of decluttering. Editing and proof-reading!

Ten years ago, my (now late) father, asked me if I’d like to help him ‘pull his book into line’. Without hesitation, I agreed and, what began as an exciting journey with my father’s involvement in World War 2, has now turned into a full-on love of ‘working with a red pen’.

From an early age, spelling and grammar were my favourite ‘subjects’ at school. I think it came from my mother, who was always a stickler for correct spelling, sentence structure and pronunciation. And, unlike Maths or Science, I was always good at it. School wasn’t always a happy place for me, so maybe this was my niche – without me knowing it!

For many years now I have been reading newspapers and magazines with ‘a red pen in hand’, finding mistakes, and wondering what editors actually do all day. I know, I know – it’s not the Editor’s job to correct spelling and grammar issues. But there used to be people employed on a newspaper or magazine to correct such mistakes. Now it seems to be a case of write a story quickly, cut and paste, add a photo with a correct-ish caption, and send. With centralised printing presses now the norm, nobody seems to be taking responsibility for the quality of writing – with the basic spelling and grammar requirements seemingly totally ignored.

In fact, come to that, teachers used to correct our work with a red pen. We learned from that correction – none of us took to our beds because of a red line through a word or sentence. Now it’s politically incorrect. Teachers are not allowed to use red pens anymore in case little Johnny gets upset.

Consequently, most people cannot spell or write a proper sentence and most don’t even bother to read their work before handing it in or ‘publishing’ to a website or various forms of social media. And do they even care? Thus, we are all having to put up with peeps being lazy – R u with me? Gr8! Gd to have u on bord! BRB! (My son tells me that means ‘Be Right Back’!)

Laziness in writing, in publications, in web content, and especially in social media is RIFE. And it’s ACCEPTABLE. But why should we accept it? There is nothing better than losing ourselves in an interesting article which challenges our thoughts and opinions, in a beautiful novel which transports us to another place, or a fascinating travel blog which helps us book our next holiday. But throw in a few ‘slepping errours , or punctation blooppers” and the magic suddenly disappears.

So, what is the answer? TIME. If you are taking the time and effort to write an article, a blog post or a romance novel, why would you not want to present your work in the best possible light? It’s the time taken to research, proof-read, edit, make changes, edit again – and again if necessary – which can turn an average piece of writing into a great read.

I find the best way to pick up mistakes is to read it to yourself – aloud! You may feel a little awkward at first, but it works. Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, punctuation placement, or clumsy dialogue, all reveal themselves when read aloud. Trust me, I often lose my voice after a long editing session!

A Chance Encounter

A little over twelve months ago, while scrolling through Facebook, I chanced upon a request from a writer in New Zealand asking for anyone who could help launch her new book. The book was the first in a series she was publishing called Mid-Life Career Rescue. This was right up my alley – timely, in fact. Maybe she was a mind reader and knew my situation? Whatever it was, she was writing about ME – and so many others in similar situations.

I jumped at the chance to help her proof-read the book, replying to her request immediately. So, with no formal arrangements, she entrusted me with her book. Consequently, two things happened. First, she was over the moon with my help and we bounced ideas around with each other. Second, I realised I was keen to do more of this. Lots more.

Subsequently, my (now) friend, Cassandra Gaisford, has given me the task of proof-reading and editing the remaining 3 best-selling books in the Mid-Life Career Rescue series, and others. And in January 2016 I took the advice in these books and jumped ship from my unhappy job. I am now working from home, building my decluttering and organising business, and have a part-time job in a clothing shop nearby. An exciting addition to my new-found happy-at-home situation, is that I am now receiving editing and proof-reading jobs which I am really loving – in fact I am passionate about it!

Cassandra has since branched out into romance novels – something she’s been wanting to do for years. I was privileged to be asked to help her with these great reads. Her novels are written under the name of Mollie Mathews, and they are set in beautiful places, and her descriptive narrative transports the reader to paradise. I thoroughly recommend these novels in the Gemstone Billionaire series, which are available through her website

I am really excited to be able to announce that very soon I will be officially launching another string to the bow of Your Clutter Coach, to be called The Uncluttered Word. I will be offering a proof-reading and editing service which will be aimed at, but not limited to, romance writers. For details of the services offered, please keep your eyes peeled on our website. However, the best way to keep informed is to subscribe to the Your Clutter Coach newsletter and you will be notified by email of our new products and services.

If you wish to contact me regarding your writing projects, please don’t hesitate to email me (just reply to this email) and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Even though I am not ‘officially’ up and running yet I am still able to help you out now. If you know of anyone who needs help with their writing projects, please share my details.

I trust that through my passion for uncluttered words, I can help you with your passion for writing!”

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful story or reinvention – and that Cate’s story will inspire you to embark on your own career rescue.

Passionately yours


p.s here are some helpful links to the books Cate has edited

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