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How to build a business you love

Despite the Risk“I set out to build a business network that was different; a supportive, caring environment where women were inspired to grow, celebrated their achievements and could thrive amongst like-minded women who were all committed to succeed.”

I’m so excited to be sharing Vanessa Davey’s inspiring story of creating her successful business on a shoe-string with feminine based values of love, collaboration, empowering relationships and inspiring others to succeed. Vanessa is the founder and managing director of Venus Network, a business networking organisation for women.

I wanted work I loved
I started my businesses because I wanted work I loved. I wanted to wake up in the morning and be excited about my day. I was in an administration job and I just didn’t feel that way. I knew there was a greater reason for me being here, alive today.

I searched through the job wanted sections, and job vacancy websites but I couldn’t find anything that suited me or that I was qualified in. So I felt the only option was to start as a contractor so I could have freedom with what I did.

My determination that I wanted a job I loved, and the belief that this is our one life and I might as well see how much fun I could have, gave me the confidence to leave my job and the security of a regular salary.

Deciding what to do
I had been asked to help a couple of people with some professional organising when I was in the UK – that was my first taste of a high hourly rate.

I used the professional organising hat to travel and fund my way through 18 months of travel in America. When I finally made the decision to come home, although I went back into employment, it wasn’t long before I was making the decision to step out and start something on my own.

I contracted as a professional organiser for a few months but New Zealand is such a tiny place, plus we’re a huge DIY nation, back then I soon realised it wasn’t going to fly for a profitable business.
I had tried networking to get some clients and found that I really enjoyed the women I met, but didn’t enjoy the types of networking that were available.

So I had the idea to start my own place where I would enjoy networking. And Venus was born. It’s ironic that I don’t really enjoy networking. It’s exhausting and I find it draining.

The older I get, the less extraverted I am, which is changing my preferences around work. I knew that if I wanted to network in a more feminine way, then other women may want to do the same. So I put the word out and within a few weeks launched my first networking group. We now have 49 groups around New Zealand with a further 11 planned to launch this year.

Loving the creative freedom and living my values
I love almost everything about owning my own business. I love the freedom of making it how I choose. Plus I have a great set of skills that match business ownership…

You can read more of Vanessa’s story and those of other inspired, and inspiring, entrepreneurs in my soon-to-be released book, Mid-Life Career Rescue: Employ Yourself.

In Mid-Life Career Rescue: Employ Yourself, you’ll learn:

  • Why successful people work with passion and purpose
  • How to identify your REAL priorities
  • How to decide what to do and find an idea that will be successful
  • How to find the right product for the right market
  • How to create a passion-driven business on shoe-string and still pay your mortgage
  • How to identify your signature strengths and beat any skills gaps
  • How to start a business with zero start-up capital and finance your career
  • How to start your business with a ‘career combo’
  • How to maintain cashflow and create a healthy profit
  • How to create and enjoy freedom of life style
  • How to maintain balance and avoid burnout
  • How to overcome the fear of failure, boost your self-esteem and super-charge the confidence needed to make an inspired change
  • How to replicate proven marketing systems and sales strategies that Amazon bestselling authors and other successful business people use every day to find customers
  • How to create a Love Mark and Loyalty Beyond Reason
  • How to escape the 9-5 drudge, live and work anywhere and join the new rich
  • BONUS: Passion Driven Business Planning Journal Workbook
  • BONUS: Powerful Goal Setting Workbook
  • BONUS: Making Decisions and Choosing Your Best-Fit Career Workbook

If you’re like many people who’d love to be their own boss, but don’t know what you could do, this book will help provide the answers.

If you’d love to grab a copy , or know some else who’d love to start their own business, the following link will take you to the pre-release page, you’ll be prompted to leave your email so I can ensure you’re the first to know when it launches in mid Feb.

P.P.S If you know anyone else who dreams of being their own boss or is interested in starting a business please ask them to complete my quick Employ Yourself survey with them too. 

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