Thursday, January 28th, 2016

If you had a magic wand – tips from a former ordained Buddhist Monk re right livelihood and finding your heart’s work

magic wandWhile in London back in 2009 I met with the super inspiring UK author of  “The Work You Were Born to Do’  Nick Williams. I was fortunate to meet with him and interview him for an article which appeared in the New Zealand Herald.

Nick has gone on to write many more books,  but it was his first one that was  a lifesaver when I was stressed out and unhappy in my job. Do the work you were born to do he challenged. The wisdom he shared on the page showed me how.

Several years later he posted a very inspiring video. Click here to watch and listen to him talk with a former ordained Buddhist monk re how you can find your dream job and live and work with inspiration.

Listening to this talk reminded me of the things I have always done to feed my passion and nurture the seeds of change in my own career. And they’re strategies that I shared with my coaching clients, and which inspire my own writing too:

  • Give yourself permission to sit down and be really honest about what you would love to do – avoid editing with negative comments like “I don’ t have enough money’; “my partner would never let me”; “I don’t have any time” etc. They may be true, but (if you want to work some magic) now’s not the time to give them too much energy
  • Let your imagination go – write about your dreams in the present tense as though it has already happened. “I am (insert dream career, add a feeling comment to add further power). “I am a successful published author, it feels amazing to receive so many emails from readers around the world telling me they loved my stories,” for example.
  • Visualise your preferred future
  • Create a dream/vision board (this is where the passion journals I suggest you create are pure alchemy!
  • Protect your dreams from the vision bashers. Stay away from critics.
  • Seek positive support – ask people who are living your dream how they achieved success; ; network etc
  • Get practical experience – seek  a mentor or coach with a holistic approach
  • Take action – take your big vision and work out your  baby steps  and tangible actions. Be gentle, but realistic. Set weekly goals and celebrate your achievements
  • Foster and nurture your confidence
  • Be of service
  • Teach what you know. I would add, also teach what you most need to learn!
  • Don’t settle for less – have faith that you deserve better and that there is a better future for  you
  • Be authentic – be yourself and share your most inspired and inspiring talents
  • Do something everyday that nurtures the seeds of your inspiration
Nick wrote the foreword to my recently released Amazon # bestseller, Mid-Life Career Rescue: (The Call For Change): How to confidently leave a job you hate, and start living a life you love, before it’s too late.
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