Services for Individuals

At Worklife Solutions we help clarify your career and life goals and set you on a path to achieve them. We are specialists in the career management and life coaching field. Our coaches come from a variety of backgrounds including recruitment, HR, career management and counselling. So with our insider knowledge of the job market and human behaviour your career and life is in safe hands.

We pride ourselves on being long-term thinkers, who are quick to sort out problems that hold individuals back. We focus on turning raw ideas and concepts into practical, sustainable and pragmatic solutions.

We offer everything you need to be professionally successful and personally fulfilled. Our services place a special emphasis on helping individuals create greater career satisfaction, professionalism, success and worklife balance:


Live and work with passion no matter where you are in New Zealand or the world. We can help you reach your potential by meeting in-person,  phone, skype or by e-mail.

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