Monday, October 12th, 2015

Slay the doubt demons by amplifying the positive

A passion for horses and the big love they shareJust reminding myself to focus on the positive as I finish my revisions  for Mid-life Career Rescue – it’s so easy to get caught in a mindset of ‘not good enough.’

So I’m taking a leaf from the advice I share with my own clients – remind yourself of positive things others tell you when traitorous doubts seep into your consciousness.

My clients, and readers, tell me they value the fact that my advice is gained from both my personal and professional experiences and is both practical and inspirational.

Like Keith, who purchased the first edition of this book, when aged 55 his position was made redundant after 38 years of loyal service.

“The biggest thing I am dealing with is a hit to my self worth,” he wrote to me.

“I am a proponent of the law of attraction and have proved this law many times but that does not stop me having serious doubts about my ability to pull above the ‘mind chatter’. Your book is a great resource for boosting my energy and confidence.

Honestly, your book is a treasure. I have it very useful in terms of information provided and tools available for self awareness and future planning.  This is an awesome book and one I would recommend to anyone looking to change their career, not just mid-lifers.

I feel energised every time I pick it up and I go back and re-read sections I have already read. I thank you for your foresight in writing this book and the energy and enthusiasm you pass on through the book.”


I feel really teary as I read this now. And it’s further confirmation to remember to thank those who make a difference in your life, you never know when your own words of gratitude will reach through time and reciprocate the blessing.

Passion, happiness, joy, fulfilment, love – call it what you will but my deepest desire is that this book, Mid-life Career Rescue encourages people like Keith to reach for their dreams, to never settle, to believe in the highest aspirations they have for themselves.

We all have so many gifts, so many talents that the world so desperately needs. We need people who care about what they do, who want to live and work with passion and purpose.

Because what is passion?


And if you don’t have love…

Well, I’ll let you decide


PS I hope you LOVE  this image of Georgia whose horses graze in our pastures. Just look at her passion for horses and the big love they share.

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