Thursday, May 12th, 2016

The key to success? Relationships

leonardo da vinci from zollner with textSuccess, a young man told me yesterday, is being happy. Happy and healthy. I love the simplicity of his definition. Roy quit a job he hated and took the risk of employing himself. What was hardest?

“Fear of failure. I was so afraid of it not working out and having to go back to my old job.” Instead of letting his fear of failure stop him dead, Roy did everything he needed to ensure success. He’s now busier than he ever imagined and happy at work as a tree surgeon up here in the Far North. I’m happy here too.


It’s a great place to live and work. Right now I’m surrounded by subtropical plants, sipping Lemon Myrtle tea at Food at Wharepuke and working on finishing my next book the ‘Art Of Success’. It’s dear to my heart. It’s the book I need to read. Whenever I feel fat, defeated, overwhelmed by obstacles or something else I say to myself, “What would Leonardo da Vinci do now?

Then I find a sage few words of his from some historical text and craft my lesson, and the chapter, around this. Today’s lesson? Healthy relationships. The health of your relationships is vital to your success.

Leonardo fa VInci once said, “Marriage is like putting your hand into a bag of snakes in the hope of pulling out an eel.”  Read into this what you will, but the theme is clear. Make good choices and marry well, keep your relationships in good health, or don’t marry at all. Divorce your job, your boss, your partner – anyone who is toxic to your health and happiness. Take the good with the bad, don’t give up too easily, work at it and recognise that nothing is absolutely perfect. But If you can’t make things work, be it professionally or personally, be prepared to quit. Feeling like you’re always getting your head bitten off, or you’re surrounded by a vat of snakes will only impede your health, happiness and success. Don’t be pressured by society. Be yourself.

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