Friday, October 31st, 2014

The power of focus: Three of the eight spiritual laws of success (part 1)

Tap into the spiritual laws of success by focusing on how achieving your goals will enrich your lives and those of others. Success inspires success. Here are just of a few on many simple, but effective strategies:

1.) Begin with what and why

What do you want to achieve and why. Identifying the inspiration underlying your specific goal is crucial in giving it the meaning and purpose to tap into your higher power. To be inspired is to be ‘in spirit.’

Right now I’m focusing on completing a psychology degree I started over a decade ago. It’s been tough, but my inspiration and sense of purpose is powering me through.  I want to help people live healthier, happier and more fulfilled lives, and I also want to better understand psychological approaches which tend to be more rational and science orientated so I can use the best of this wisdom while also continuing with my holistic approach.

Don’t stop at one ‘why’ keep drilling down by saying and ‘what else’ or ‘why else’ until the well of inspiration is over-flowing.

2.)Begin with the end in mind and allow no doubt

Visualising and affirming a successful outcome is critical to success. Seeing your way to success is also a great way to feed desire and excitement – all necessary tools to beat off any anxiety or worry that may creep in during the process. You know the saying, out of sight, out of mind – well recently Lorenzo and I created what I call the ‘manifestation fridge’ to keep our goals clearly in sight. This feed our mind and our hearts – no pun intended!

It’s incredible now as we look back how many of intentions have materialised – including a confirmed move up North next year. More about that later!


3.) Successful daily habits

Your habits will determine your future. What routine habits would help you achieve your goals? Here’s just a few ideas:

• Meditation/relaxation/yoga
• Reading, listening or watching motivating and inspiring tools  (books, articles, podcasts, YouTube, MP3’s etc.)
• Staying positive – monitoring thoughts daily, affirming what you want, being grateful etc.
• Exercise
• Feeding your mind, body and soul with nutritious and delicious food

I’ve written about the daily habits in a previous blog – check out more here.

Some of my favourite spiritual and successful habits include meditating twice daily, listening to self-hypnosis tapes, exercising by walking in nature, keeping a daily ‘gratitude and joy’ journal, updating and looking at my passion journal and the goals I’ve set for this year that are written there, and maintaining balance by making time for romance with my partner.

Suppose you one of the 40% of people who were reported in the paper today as hating their jobs. It would make sense to include taking stock of your criteria for happiness at work -including the skills you love using, that benefit others and that make your soul sing.  Other successful daily habits might include collecting and reviewing positive feedback you have received and other activities that can boost the confidence and self-esteem that normally precedes making a change.

Be sure to include a no exceptions clause in your daily habit plan. Every day, no excuses, follow through on your commitments. This is what separates the winners from the want-to-bes.

Up to 87% of our normal behaviour is based on habits. Now as we head into a new year it’s a great time to become more conscious of the habitual behaviours that hold you back and those that propel you forward.

I hope you’ve gained a new good ideas from Part 1 of ‘The power of focus: Three of the eight spiritual laws of success.’ I look forward to sharing more with you in my next post.



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